International Consortium Members


Acadia University - Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Glyn Bissix

John Colton

Dr. John Colton is a professor of Sustainability and Community Development Studies in the Environmental and Sustainability and Community Development programs at Acadia university. Dr. Colton’s research interests have included sustainable tourism, aboriginal tourism, agritourism and community sustainability.  Dr. Colton is also a training associate for The Natural Step, an international sustainability training organization. He is the east coast sustainable tourism expert for National Geographic's’ World Legacy program and has served as an expedition leader for several northern Canadian river-based expeditions for National Geographic.

Mary Sweatman

Mary Sweatman teaches in the Department of Community Development at Acadia University. She is currently a student in Nova Scotia’s Inter-University Doctorate of Educational Studies Program, in the area of Life Long Learning. The art of teaching is at the heart of Mary’s interests, particularly the process of praxis and dialogue among a community of learners, and how that can lead to critical thinking and social change. She has had the opportunity to teach (and learn) in a range of places and spaces, from formal education settings to the woods, from pre-school to university, from environmental education to research methods, from Katmandu to her backyard.

Alan Warner


Maynooth University - Kildare, Ireland

Oonagh McArdle

Dr Oonagh McArdle lectures at the Department of Applied Social Studies, co-ordinating, and contributing to, professional community and youth work programmes at Bachelor and Masters level. Having achieved her own professional qualification, she worked for many years as a community worker, focusing in particular on addressing racism and violence against women.

Oonagh maintains an active involvement in promoting and supporting community work practice in her work within the university and her recent doctoral research Rocking the Boat While Staying in It: Praxis, Phronesis and Radical Community Work in Ireland, engaged with community workers to present an analysis of the complexities, challenges and contradictions in contributing to creating the conditions for transformative change. She is currently a member of Community Work Ireland's central group and vice-chairperson of the European Community Development Network.


Montana State University - Bozeman, Montana

Paul Lachapelle

Paul Lachapelle is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Montana State University-Bozeman and serves as the Extension Community Development Specialist. Working in partnership with the Local Government, his responsibilities involve providing research, technical assistance and training on various community development topics in communities across the state. Specifically, he provides resources and programs in many areas including community strategic visioning, local governance, and leadership development training. Dr. Lachapelle is currently serving as the 2016 - 2018 President of the International Association for Community Development (IACD).


Purdue University - West Lafayette, Indiana

Neil Knobloch

Dr. Neil Knobloch is an associate professor of Youth Development and Agricultural Education at Purdue University and is chair for PK-12 Engagement in the College of Agriculture. He is a recognized leader for his scholarship of teaching and learning processes in agricultural sciences to engage and retain more students in the STEM career pipeline. His research improves our understanding of developing future scientists to engage with K-12 audiences, and demonstrates learner-centered teaching strategies increase student motivation and engagement in agricultural STEM education.


U.C. Davis - Davis, California

Michael Rios

Michael Rios is Associate Professor of Urban Design in the Department of Human Ecology at the University of California, Davis. He teaches in several programs including Landscape Architecture + Environment Design, Geography, and Community Development.  Michael is past Chair of the Community Development Graduate Group at UC Davis (2011-2015).   Currently, Michael serves as Housing and Redevelopment Commissioner for the County and City of Sacramento, and is also Director of the Sacramento Diasporas Project at the Center for Regional Change.