Empowerment for North Limestone Neighborhood Sustainability: Establishing Public Spaces and Arts


The North Limestone neighborhood (NoLi) has seen an immense amount of change in recent years. Trendy coffee shops, bistros and pubs are popping up in what once was an often-overlooked impoverished, yet culturally diverse neighborhood.

While this economic influx is often perceived as being positive, it has also created community unrest with perceptions of cultural power dominance and societal gentrification. However, NoLi community developers are actively working to improve the lives of its citizens. Moving forward with their creative place-making initiatives, this project will assist in preparing for the leadership, collaboration, and participation of stakeholders through facilitator training, empowerment of youth, and the physical planning and design phases of ideations for shared public spaces and arts.

Currently, the community has several interested parties and a diverse group of constituents that can work more effectively through a systematic facilitation effort. Through this project, NoLi will increase the ecological integrity of their existing environmental conditions and identify public space needs and visions.

By working with diverse groups, the community will be able to increase their social capacity through training of facilitated leadership, improve inter-generational communication and develop a stronger sense of place.