Community Innovation Lab Fellows Program

2016-2017 Community Innovation Lab Fellows Cohort

What is the Community Innovation Lab @ UK Fellows Program?

The Community Innovation Lab (CIL) Fellows program is a leadership/community-education program that develops innovators within the context of community learning and development. During the program participants are identified as CIL Associates and become CIL Fellows upon completion of the program. CIL Associate positions are marketed to community organizations and groups across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This can include but is not limited to: Lexington community members, U.K. faculty students and staff, county extension professionals and individuals associated with special interest or online communities. Associates are selected utilizing an application and interview format.


CIL Fellow Terms & Expectations:

Associates are encouraged to brainstorm and enhance their community, organizations, or groups through innovative designs and methods. As part of their experience, participants will design and implement both a research component and an educational/outreach component regarding their chosen topic.

Term Length:

Associates will participate in a 1-year program. Upon completion of the program, associates will be considered official Lab Fellows. In addition, it is expected and encouraged that Lab Fellows establish a longitudinal relationship with the lab, and play a role in future CIL innovations.